How to Create Gmail Account 2020 New Email-Gmail: googleinputtools

How to Create Gmail Account 2020 New Email-Gmail: googleinputtools

Content :
1.      How to Create Gmail Account Step by Step 2019
2.      How to open SignIn in Google Email Account 2019
                           1. Open Gmail Account in Android Phone
                          2. Open Gmail Account in iPhone
                          3. Open Gmail Account in Window 10,8, 7.
3.      How to Use Gmail (Email id) Address?
4.      How to Change Password of Gmail Account?
1.      Change Password from Gmail Account Setting
2.      How to Change or Recover Password of Gmail If You Forget
5.      How to Send Emails Using Gmail
6.      History of Gmail

      What Is Gmail Account?

Now a Days Gmail account is become very important for every one if you are working on online, in Entrance Exam, in Job, in School or college life etc. everywhere we need Gmail id which also called Email Address. The full form of Gmail is Google Mail which is the product of google and Email full form is Electronic Mail. We Use Email Address to send Electronic mails using Gmail account which is looks like in place of example you have to put or use your name or business or the what you want during creation of Gmail address like  .

1. How to Create Gmail Account Step by Step 2019?

To create Gmail account, we need any device like windows, android, iPhone etc. any one and follow the given steps:

how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

ü Go to and type Gmail sign in and search
ü Now click the Gmail sign in (sometimes google update or changes there Gmail account creation section (interface) that’s why creating Gmail account in this way is pretty easy and simple)
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

ü Now click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT (when you click on create an account SOMETIMES it also asks for Self-use/ Business select for which purpose you want to make Gmail account.)
ü Now Fill your information
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

1.     Enter Your First Name and Last Name
2.     Create a Gmail User Name, Must remember that it’s your Gmail-Email Address which is permanent you can not change it in future so must decide a perfect User Name for your Gmail. It can be your name your business name or anything else name its your choice what you choose.
3.     Now Create or Enter Password Two times, when you signing in Gmail account you need to Enter These username (Email Address) and Password, so must remember or note down it in your dairy or somewhere else. Must Memorize that don’t so your Gmail password to anyone.
4.     Click the Next Button
5.     Enter Account Recovery option, in recovery option you will see two options first using phone number and second using Gmail address remember use another phone number or Gmail address (when you lost your current phone number due to any resions then by this recovery option you can recover your Gmail or phone number. It’s a very important feature of Gmail).
6.     Enter your date of birth
7.     Select gender
8.     Now click the next button
9.     Verify your phone number, there you have to verify your phone number which you added in recovery option.
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

1.Enter phone number in box that you previous entered in recovery option
2.Click Next/send button
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools open your phone’s text message and find the googles 6-digit number
4. Enter the number and click on verify option Scroll down and click I AGREE button, That’s Done ☺☺

2. How to Open and SignIn in Google Gmail Account 2020

to open or sign in Gmail account is very easy or simple only you have to follow these steps which are given below. The process is same in every device like in android phone, iPhone and Windows. You also open or use it features using its aap, for this you have to download Gmail from google paly store for android and iPhone store for iPhone.
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

ü If you have an aap then it’s done open it and use it features
how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

how to create gmail account 2019 googleinputtools

ü If you don’t have an aap then go to and search google signin and click on it. Now Enter your user name and password that you have created during making Gmail account, That’s Done you have signed in in Gmail account. 😮😮😊😉

3. How to Use Gmail (Email id) Address?

Only you have to remember  or memorize your Gmail address ,then you can use it anywhere in job, when you are working online, in entrance exam , to login in school or college website,   or if you want to send document file like letter, image etc. to another person that have ( Gmail)  Email address then simply go to compose option and inter that person email address to which you want to send your document . now select or attach the document and send it. 

4. How to Change Password of Gmail Account

If you want to change your Gmail account password then follow then follow these steps

ü Step 1. Signin your Gmail account using your email address and password
ü Step 2. Go to setting option in right corner (or in phone app in left side)
ü Step 3. Click on account and import section
ü Step 4. Now click on change password option
ü Step 5. Enter your old password enter your new password and hit Enter , That’s it you have done successfully ☺☺.

5. What to do if you forget your Gmail password

ü Step 1. Click sign in option same as you above/previous did.
ü Step 2. Enter Your Gmail (Email) address and click next
ü Step 3. Now in enter your password section click on FORGET PASSWORD option
ü Step 4. Now Follow the instruction s step by step. (use one of them option in TRY ANOTHER WAY must remember this.

6. History of Gmail

Gmail as the name suggest Google Mail, it is one of the product of google. Paul Buchheit was a Google developer who started Gmail project, he started working on Gmail on August 2001. On 1 April 2004 Gmail was announced to public. Google Docs and Spreadsheet was added to Gmail on 28 January 2007. On 12 December 2008 Gmail added pdf viewer on browser.
Owner: Google
Created by: Paul Buchheit
Type of siteWebmail
Launched: April 1, 2004.

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