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Google Earth:

how often google earth is updated

google earth is an application or computer program which presents a 3d representation of earth place/country/city based on satellite images. With the help of google earth, you can visit all over the earth/world without going anywhere outside by its amazing 3d imagery using your computer or mobile phone only you have to enter addresses and coordinates. To use it all features use it on the computer.

Google Earth Pro :

google earth pro is an upgraded version of google earth, it provides features/add on software like data importer, movie maker, precise measurement, advanced printing, etc. You can use it on your window, Linux, and Mac OS.

How To use Google earth on Computer

1.       Type on google or URL
2.       click the link and open it
3.       write address or coordinates on the search box
4.       example: new Delhi India,
             Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
             statue of liberty

Type/version of google earth

google earth pro
google earth plus
google earth enterprise
google earth 9
google earth plug-in
google earth Vr

Most asked Question and its Answer

How often is google earth updated

Google Earth is updated every month, it does not mean that every image is updated. it takes time to update every image provided
 by satellite or passing the place.

Can I see my house on google earth

yes you can see your house view satellite imagery
1.go to the search box
2.type your address
3. Click on the place again to zoom it. 

Can I use google earth without downloading it

yes, you can use it using your browser for it type in google
and open it and type your address to search.

Can I see a live street view

by using google earth you can see already recorded live street view in 360 degree

How does it cost to google earth live/pro, is google earth free?

pro version of it has many additional features most amazing is it displays a virtual globe that provides the ability to capture and analyze geographic data. The cost was $399 per year but now it is freely available for everyone. anyone can use it without paying any cost it is free.

Does google earthwork on firefox

yes, when it launched, it was limited to chrome but now it also works on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Why does google earth keep crashing on android :

To solve this problem go to setting>>search>>google earth app>>clear the cache & data
its happens sometimes, follow these steps, the problem will be solved
and it will work smoothly without any problems.

How do I get google earth on my phone?

to download google earth in mobile simply go to play store and search google earth in the search box in play store
and download it.

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