Google drive : Is Google Drive cloud storage | Most Asked Questions?

Google drive :  
Google drive : Is Google Drive cloud storage | Most Asked Questions?

Google drive is a free cloud-based file storage service provided by Google. People/Users can use Google drive to store and share their files on the internet such as images, videos, songs, pdf , etc. Google Drive also has another feature like Google docs, Google slides, Google Sheets, etc. It comes under the office suite pack when we take actions like edit or create a document it saves on Google drive
The most amazing feature is that we can write something in Google drive docs by saying means Google drive also facilitates
speech to text features. We can also able to use our stored file offline too.
Google Drive offers free 15gb Storage to stores files you no need to pay anything but if you want to get more/unlimited storage as
100 GB, 200 GB, 2Tb, 10Tb, 20Tb and 30Tb you need to choose paid planes.

Google Drive allows the following file formats to be viewed:
Image files (.JPEG, .BMP, .WEBP .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF)
Native formats (Docs, Forms, Drawings Sheets, and Slides)
Video files (.WEBM, .MPEG4, .MPEGPS, .WMV, .FLV, .OGG, .3GPP, .MOV, .AVI, .MPEG)
Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX)
Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX)
Audio formats (.MP3, .OGG , .M4A, .WAV)
Text files (.TXT)
Markup/Code (.HTML, .CSS,.PHP, .C, .CPP, .JS .H, .HPP)
Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF)
Apple Pages (.PAGES)
Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
XML Paper Specification (.XPS)
Archive file types (.ZIP, .RAR, tar, gzip)
Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF)
PostScript (.EPS, .PS)
Python (.PY)
Fonts (.TTF)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)

Is Google Drive free?
Yes, it's free for everyone who has the Google account. It offers 15Gb to stores file if you want more storage as 100Gb or
1Tb you need to go through paid planes.

How do I access my Google Drive?
Access or use Google drive follows these given steps
1. Open Google Drive App on mobile phone
2. Now do what you want to create or upload files and folders
3. You can also share it with other people.
Note: If you using browser Go in

What is the function of Google Drive?
Google Drive is a free cloud-based file storage service that provides the user to store, edit, and access files online.
Its best function is it syncs files or documents of your all device in which the same Gmail is using.
How much space do you get on Google Drive?
Google Drive offers free 15Gb storage to every new user or if you want more then 15 Gb as 100Gb, 200Gb, 2Tb, 10Tb, 20Tb, 30Tb
then you can go through paid planes which areas mentioned above already.

Is Google Drive safe?
When you upload something in Google drive as image, video, or any file then it stored in secure Google data centers or we also know that
Google products are highly secured. If due to some reason if your file lost from a computer laptop or any device
then if you have uploaded the files on Google drive already then you can access it through any other device only you have to sign in with the same Google account.

How do I get 100gb free on Google Drive?
If you are using chrome book then you can get 100Gb free storage using offer but for normal users, as I am also a window user so if you are using a mobile phone/window then you need to choose paid planes to get 100Gb Storage. If you are a student or if
don't have enough money then you can create multiple Gmail account as we know Google provides 15Gb free from one Gmail.
15Gb + 15Gb + 15Gb + 15Gb = 60Gb, I will suggest you only use this trick if you have no enough money and want to use it for education

What is the best way to use Google Drive?
How I Use Google drive my best way to use Google drive
1. Most of the time due to some reason we uninstall our browser it can be any reason by which we lost our data. Synchronize your data with other your devices, Syncs on in your other devices in which you are using the same Google account to import Bookmarks, etc.
2. If you are not able to open any file in your laptop or desktop then use Google drive it supports almost every daily life file
3. You can use it as Pdf Reader
4. If you are not good at typing but you have to complete something then you can use Google drive text to speech option which makes converts your voice into text. It is one of my favorite features that I use in my daily life online works.

Who can view my Google Drive?
By default files and documents are private but if you want to share your files and documents to other then you can share it with anyone only you have to share your file document link to that person to whom you want to share. You are the owner of your Google drive
you have the power to decide to who your files and documents are accessible.

Can I access Google Drive on my phone?
Yes, You can access your Google drive using your phone or any other device also. Only you have to sign in with the same correct
Google account then your ability to access it from anywhere or from any device only you have to sign in with the same Google account.

Do I need Google Drive?
It depends on you, but "Yes" I will suggest you should use Google drive to make your files like image, video, pdf, or any documents secure and to access from anywhere or to also use Google drive 15Gb free storage. As it is cloud-based storage service
It has many more features which I have already discussed above.

Can I store photos on Google Drive?
Yes, you can store your photos, video, files, or documents, and also you can share it with others through Google drive link.

Is Google Drive cloud storage?
Yes, It is a cloud-based storage

How much is Google Drive Monthly?
If You are a normal user then it's free! for you can use its free 15Gb to stores your files or folders or if you want to
use more than 15Gb then it cost 100GB storage at 1.99$ month.

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