Google gravity: How do I activate google gravity | Top 10 google tricks

Top 10 Google tricks: How do I activate google gravity

Hello, Googlers today I am going to show you the top 10 amazing Google tricks which are the coolest and amazing trick you have ever seen you can say it a game or Google features. You can enjoy it when you are sad, feeling boring and at any moment so let's start the Google tricks lists.

1.    Google Gravity

google input tools : google tricks Google gravity is a place/page where all the web pages text, icon, images fall on the ground as there is no weight in things that means zero gravity or being pulled by force means gravitational force. It is one of my favorite tricks usually I use it for fun.
To use it follow these steps
1.Go to type full
2. Now Type Google gravity
3. Hit in I'm Feeling lucky
4. If not working click here>> GoogleGravity

2.    Google Under Water Gravity

Google input tools: google gravity underwater | Top 10 google tricks

It is Similar to Google gravity but also has a new feature of gravity underwater which looks awesome
To enjoy this underwater gravity
1. First go to
2. Type Google gravity underwater there
3. Now Hit I m feeling lucky option
4. You can visit directly to click here>> Google Gravity Under Water

3.    Google Timer or stopwatch

You can use Google as your timer or stopwatch. Now every one needs a timer to schedule timing especially during running or practicing something only you have to type "Set timer for 30 minutes " or also can write "30 minutes timer" in Google you can choose any timing according to you instead of 30 minutes most amazing thing is that you not need to download any further app.
1.Go too Google
2.Type "set timer for 30 minutes" choose minutes or hours according to you
3.Hit Enter
4.You will see there timer and stopwatch

4.    Google guitar

Have you ever play guitar if not then don't worry Google guitar will help you to feel and enjoy it
it is simple and easy in use, to use it follow these given steps
1.Go to
2.Type here Google guitar
3.Click on I m feeling lucky option                                     
4.Or Use this direct link>> GoogleGuitar
5.Thats it enjoy!

5.    Google Sunrise and sunset

Have ever thought how it would be if you know the timing of sunrise and sunset now Google make it possible you can search any location sunrise or sunset timing only you have to do is just go on Google and type there "sunset in placeName" or sunrise in PlaceName"  example: sunset in new york, sunrise in India, sunrise in Canada, etc.

6.  Google 1980

how it would be you can go in the past and able to see how was the Google looks like in past
it would be amazing yes, it is the second one my best trick. to know or use 1980 Google search engine then follow
these steps :
1.Go to
2.Type there Google 1980
3.Hit I m feeling lucky
4.Or you can directly go through this link>> Google1980
5.Thats it,feel or enjoy our old Google hows it looks like.

7.    Atari breakout, tik toc toe

if you have played old games then you definatly experience an amazing moment. How was that old time when there are only 2d games available on the internet but that all are pretty awesome as compare to this time games. Nowadays Pubg Mobile game growing so far if you are getting bored or have a little slow internet you can't able
to play higher games but you can Atari Breakout you no need to download it.
1.Just go in Google
2.Type Atari Breakout
3.Hit enter
4. That's all enjoying it!! 

8.    Google Calculation trick

when we have to calculate something like 98% of 32478, 2+2-48/7-5, etc. or anything, we usually use
calculator or mobile phone calculator but do you know you can directly get these type of calculation answer/solution using Google, only you have to type what you want to calculate that's it Googles will give you an answer.
Google input tools: google calculation trick | Top 10 google tricks

Example :
dollar into inner
89% of 2525
20miter into centimeter
Inch into foot, etc.

9. Google image

Google image is one of the most amazing to find out someone or something only you have to upload an image of that person or thing and Google image will give you the results, it works on window/desktop browser or you can also use its feature on your phone to only you have to tick mark the chrome desktop mode option
Help you to find fake people
it can give you details about things
1.Go to Google and click on image
2.Upload the image
3.It will give you the details of that image!

10.Google Search

1. If you want to download something use Extention at last 
example: Google input tools book.pdf, biodata.docx end game drive, alan walker.mp3, etc.

2. If you are searching for something in Google or youtube but you forget the whole word type ** after the word
example: googlable*** , rich dad p**** ,etc,

3. If you want to search an exact word then use a double quote after writing the word or line.
example : "i can win", "Avengers", etc.

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