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 Google Class : Most Asked Questions & Answer

google class : how to delete a class from google classroom
Google Class:  Google Classroom

Google classroom is program/application or we can say a free web service provided
 by google especially for student or teacher for learning purpose to create distribute
assignments etc. it also facilitates file sharing between student and teacher.
Google classroom also provide features such as slides, calendar, Gmail, Docs,
sheets to manage the communication of teacher and student where a student can be invited by using a code given by teacher everyone can join the class by using that private code where a student can submit their works such as assignment according to given due classroom was released publicly on 12/08/2014 and in 2015 google calendar was integrated into google classroom for assignment due date.

How do I join a Google class?           
it is a very easy process to join google class
1. go to sign in with your correct Google account you will see an option join at the top the that join class button
5. Enter class code and click join.

What is the Google Classroom app?
Google Classroom is a free web service for schools or learners
anyone can use it with there personal google account. google classroom
helps learner means student or teacher to connect no mater they
are inside or outside of school or anywhere on the earth only they
need to have internet is very user friendly & easy
in use.

Is Google classroom free to use?
yes, google classroom is free for learners (schoolers) but it also has premium means paid G Suit which has additional features such as
advance security, premium support, video conferencing, etc.

Who can join a Google classroom?
Any user can join google classroom who has a personal google account
and access to join the classroom.

Why can't I join a Google classroom?                                             
if you are getting difficulty in joining the classroom, it can happen
due to many reasons as given
1. You can join classroom if you haven't google account
2. Code that you are entering can be wrong
3. It can be possible that the account you are trying to join is not
compatible with the account that set up the classroom.
4. It can be a low internet problem

Do students need a Gmail account to use Google classroom?
No, If you are a school student you can use classroom, for this
Schools must sign up for free G Suit for education.

Can I go to Google classroom?
yes you can for this visit

How many students can you have in a Google classroom?
its depend on account type means you are using personal google
account and/or G Suit or school account

G Suit
      (School Account)
Personal Google Account
class members (Teachers & student)
class, you can join
100 maximum, 30 per day
class, you can create
No limits
30 per day
class member invitation you can send
No limits
100 per class, per day

How does a parent join Google classroom?
As we Know Parents sometimes also need/want to know that their children's process
or well work to join parents in google classroom follow these steps
1. First Go to Google Classroom in the student section
3. There you will see "Invite guardians"
4. Enter Your parent's Email Address in the text box
5. Now Click on Invite Option.

How do I add a teacher to Google classroom?
You can Add Teacher to google classroom as follows:
1. Go to
2. Click Sign in If you already signed in no need to do again
3. The top, You see an Option People
4. Click on it click Invite teachers then
6. Now enter the email address of the teacher
7. Choose Teacher In list and Invite it.

Does Google classroom have video conferencing?
Yes, using google meet which comes under G Suit you can start a video class
meeting in google classroom means video conference using your computer or
mobile phone, no matter you are in the same room or
somewhere else.

What is the purpose of a Google classroom?
Google Classroom is a program/app or we can say a web service provided by google
for learners  (teacher & student ) the main purpose of google classroom is to facilitate the process of sharing files between student and teacher.

Can you use Google classroom on a phone?
yes, you can use it on your smartphone the app is available for both android
and IOS only you have to download the aap in the smartphone. We know every app has limited features as compared to a web browser so to use it fully you can
use but both site or app is prity awesome.

What are the benefits of Google classroom?
1.Online learning, no need to go anywhere or in school/class
2. Assignment and matrials are easily accessible
3.less paperwork
4.less cost of time
5.Can Join or connect from anywhere etc.

How Safe Is Google classroom?
The name "Google" is enough to know that how strong security and privacy of user's data is. Google classroom is a product of google it is very secure and easy & safe in use.

Can teachers see what you do on Google classroom?
A teacher can see how many users (student) have complited assignment or not they have the status

Can you live stream on Google classroom?
Google classroom has many features but unfortunately, live stream feature is not available at this
moment but soon it can be a team is continuously working improve and update it

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